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Someone needs to write a fanfic with John and Lestrade as the two bestfriends who are both dating the Holmes brothers and the two just bond over the crazy fucked up things they have to go through for their Detective and Queen of England and it shall be titled Bros before Holmes.

Phil asked Leila to marry her today.

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crazylittlelauren asked: Updates anytime soon? <333 I miss you guysssss D:

We miss all of you! Things have just been really hectic. I’m sure most of you guys know that there are two of us who write these stories and that we write them together. The major delay in updating has been about timing issues. 

We both started separate stories (since we haven’t really had much of a chance to write together). They aren’t ‘phan’ related. They’re actually Sherlock fanfictions. Once I’ve got a chapter done, I’ll post it on our account, if anyone would be interested in reading it.

I’m sorry we haven’t updated Stellar or SA. Like I said, those are our stories. It wouldn’t feel right for either of us to write anything for them on our own. 





literally honestly why im in love with ben c

I now want to see Martin, Amanda, and Benedict having a facial expressions face off.

Have you heard of the show called…. “Sherlock”